Tourism is the pillar industry of Macao's economy, and the rapid growth of the tourism service industry has become an important cornerstone of Macao's social and economic development. Since the establishment of the Macao SAR, the achievements of tourism industry’s development are apparent. From the baseline of around 7 million visitors in 1999, Macao’s visitor arrivals have surged fourfold to over 32 million visitors in 2017. With the implementation of the "Individual Visit Scheme" in Mainland China in 2003, the number of Mainland China visitors to Macao has increased significantly, which has also injected momentum into Macao's tourism industry.

Shopping & Relaxation
With the liberalization of the gaming industry in 2002, a number of large-scale hotels and tourism integrated resorts have flourished, driving the number of hotel rooms to double in ten years, from some 17,000 rooms in 2008 to over 37,000 in 2017. Macao is providing more choices for visitors and Macao residents alike in dining, entertainment, performances and exhibitions.
Macao is a place where East meets West. With the “Historic Center of Macao” being officially listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2005, and further to that, Macao being awarded the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2017, the Macao SAR Government will make the best use of its relevant cultural advantages and is committed to promote the development of cultural tourism.
Macao is a small place that is hardly visible on a map but it is a truly international destination - unique world heritage sites, state-of-the-art resort and hotel facilities, savouring gastronomy, thrilling attractions, scenic outdoors, international events and celebrations, all of these have put Macao on the map and attract millions of visitors to discover the beauty of it.
Entertainment & Events
Macao boasts a unique festival culture, including such traditional Chinese celebrations as Lunar New Year, Feast of the God Tou Tei, Tun Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) as well as the important Western festivals of Easter, Procession of our Lady of Fátima, and Christmas. In addition, many large scale international events are held in Macao such as: Macao International Music Festival, Macau Grand Prix, Macao Food Festival, Macao International Marathon, Macao International Parade, International Film Festival & Awards •Macao, Macao Light Festival... Excitement happens all year round and you will be inspired at every turn.