Tentative 2020 Program Agenda (GMT +8)
12:00PM - 12:20PM
Dunhuang: Cultural and Heritage Preservation
Executive leadership of Dunhuang Academy
12:20PM - 12:30PM
Major Sponsors Special Feature
12:30PM - 12:40PM
Italy Special Feature
12:40PM - 01:15PM
Major Sponsors Special Feature
01:15PM - 01:20PM
IPIM Special Feature
01:30PM - 02:00PM
Additional Promotional Content
02:00PM - 03:00PM
Gansu Special Feature

Gansu Tourism Promotional Video
Silk Road Highlight (絲路花雨精彩片段)

Special Presentation
Chen Weizhong
Director of Gansu Provincial Bureau of Culture and Tourism/ Brand Ambassador of Gansu Provincial Tourism
03:00PM - 03:45PM
GTEF 2020 Opening Ceremony
Setting the Scene Opening
Martina Fuchs
International TV Anchor and Business Journalist
Welcome Remarks
Ho Hau Wah
Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference; Forum Chairman, Global Tourism Economy Forum
Ho Iat Seng
Chief Executive of Macao Special Administrative Region
Opening Keynotes
Zurab Pololikashvili
Secretary-General, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Leadership representative, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Ministerial leader, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People's Republic of China Provincial leader, the People’s Government of Gansu Province
Gao Yunlong
Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce; Honorary Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Forum
Hu Heping
Minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People's Republic of China Provincial leader, the People’s Government of Gansu Province
03:45PM - 03:55PM
Special Keynote
Christopher Nassetta
President and CEO of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Ltd.
03:55PM - 04:10PM
Special Dialogue: Public Private Partnerships for Restarting Tourism Economy
Gloria Guevara Manzo
President and Chief Executive Officer of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC); Honorary Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Forum
04:10PM - 04:25PM
Special Dialogue: Air Travel under the ‘New Normal’
04:25PM - 04:35PM
Special Keynote
Michael Frenzel
Honorary Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Forum; Vice-Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Research Centre
04:35PM - 04:45PM
UNWTO/GTERC Joint Research Report Presentation

The 7th edition of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Global Tourism Economy Research Centre (GTERC) Asia Tourism Trends report features the latest tourism trends and outlook of the region; examines the measures taken in the region to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 and promote recovery, with a featured case study on Macao; and highlights the importance of tourism and community development, focusing on opportunities for rural tourism development.

04:45PM - 05:05PM
Macao’s Success Story:Public Private Partnerships for Tourism Economic Revival

Macao realized early on that collaboration is key to both counter the spread of COVID-19 and to revitalize the tourism sector. Macao provides a case study for how the successful cooperation between the public and private sectors has spurred investments and mutual support. As a lynchpin of the Greater Bay Area, Macao has driven high-quality development and the creative industries. As the city looks to the next round of growth, collaboration with its neighbours in the development of Hengqin Island aims to further regional integration.

Strategically positioned as a World Centre for Tourism and Leisure, the road to recovery for tourism in Macao exemplifies the power of solidarity. By putting in place new coordinated approaches between the private and public sectors, the tourism sector in Macao has shown its resilience and innovation. This session will highlight the policies and strategies that Macao has put in place to aid in the recovery of the tourism sector and how private and public partnerships have heightened corporate social responsibility, supported jobs and skills, SMEs, and the sustainable development of the community.

Special Keynote
Lei Wai Nong
Secretary for Economy and Finance of Macao Special Administrative Region Government
05:05PM - 05:15PM
Special Keynote featuring Fosun International Ltd.
05:15PM - 05:25PM
Special Keynote featuring Trip.com Group Ltd.
05:25PM - 05:45PM
China Story: This is Hubei; This is Wuhan

With stunning natural beauty, Hubei Province features marvels ranging from the national parks of Shennongjia and Enshi to the historic Taoist retreat of Wudang Shan. Its largest city and capital, Wuhan, a city of 11 million, is a central hub for trade and transport with a rich history and culture and vibrant gastronomy sector. Even though it has been impacted by COVID-19, the heroic city of Wuhan continues to play a role as a gateway to national and regional development.

GTEF is proud to dedicate this special segment to Hubei Province and Wuhan, to encourage investment and support to help Hubei Province recover from the pandemic, and showcase the cultural richness, heritage, beauty, and modernity that Hubei Province and the City of Wuhan have to offer.

Video + Presentation
Provincial leader
Hubei Provincial Government
05:45PM - 05:55PM
Special Keynote featuring the World Health Organization
05:55PM - 06:05PM
Special Keynote featuring Tencent Holdings Ltd.
06:05PM - 06:35PM
Special Session: Solidarity to Reshape the Tourism Economy

To conclude GTEF 2020 and review the solutions presented throughout the Forum, this special session will feature a discussion with Ms. Pansy Ho, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Global Tourism Economy Forum, and key thought-leaders from a wide geographical scope. This session will present an inside look on how the global travel and tourism sector has risen to the challenges of 2020 and the opportunities available as it restarts and reinvents. With an eye to the dynamic megatrends that are shaping the future of tourism, these thought leaders will share their insights, predictions, and advice as the global tourism economy heads into “the next normal.”

Pansy Ho
Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of Global Tourism Economy Forum
Mario Hardy
Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
Chen Dong
Secretary-General of World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF); Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism
Eduardo Santander
Executive Director of European Travel Commission; Honorary Vice Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Forum
Liu Shijun
Secretary-General of World Tourism Alliance
Ji Xiaodong
Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism
06:35PM - 06:50PM
2021 Partnership Presentations
GTEF 2021 Partner Country Presentation
Lorenza Bonaccorsi
Under-Secretary of Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities, and Tourism of Italy
GTEF 2021 Featured Chinese City Presentation
Municipal Leader, City of Shanghai