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President of Suning Universal Group
Wu Zhaolan is a co-founder of Suning Universal Group. Currently the Group’s Vice President, as well as Directors of Suning Universal Shopping Mall, Suning Tianrun Square, Suning Universal Suite Hotel and Suning Venice Hotel, Ms. Wu is also an executive committee member of All-China Women’s Federation and a standing committee member of Jiangsu Provincial Women’s Federation. Ms. Wu was decorated for her excellence and dedication to the society. Among her recognitions are National March 8 Red Flag Bearer, National Women Pacesetters, National Top Ten Female Promoters of Public Welfare, Labor Role Model of Jiangsu Province and Labor Role Model of Nanjing Municipality. She was also invited as Supervisor on the Police Culture and Discipline for the Public Security Department of Jiangsu Province and Supervisor on the Administration of Public Officer of Nanjing Municipality. An avid philanthropist, Ms. Wu sponsored the setup of various Hope Primary School nationwide, participated in China Guangcai Program and helped the underprivileged children and those being left unattended at home. Besides, she was involved in the establishment of Righteous Foundation and other charitable donations, and has been supporting entrepreneurship and innovation of female university students, as well as initiatives in woman and child protection.
Speaker’s sessions
Mon, Oct 14, 09:00AM - 12:15PM

Panel Session 2: Potential of Chinese Tourism Investment & Cooperation Opportunities in “Belt and Road” Projects

SI: English & Putonghua

In recent years, China’s tourism investment has been increased continuously at an average growth rate of over 40%. By 2020, with the total number of trips made by Chinese citizens estimated to reach 6.7 billion, the total revenue of China's tourism industry is expected to exceed 7 trillion Yuan while tourism investment will reach 2 trillion Yuan. Huge demand generates enormous opportunities of investment. What are the industries or projects that may be favored by Chinese tourism investment in the next five years?  

With the promotion of the “Belt & Road” initiative and high-speed growth of Chinese outbound tourist flows, investment and M&A by Chinese companies have shown increased significantly. How do Chinese investment organizations evaluate the potential of “Belt & Road” countries? What types of tourism projects will most likely attract investment from Chinese companies?