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Co-founder of Tongcheng Tourism Group
Wang Zhuan is the co-founder and Party Secretary of Tongcheng Tourism Group. He was previously the Group’s Chief Strategy Officer, overseeing User Experience Center and merger and acquisition investments. Dr. Wang played a prominent role in Tongcheng’s major financing projects. These included the investment of over RMB 2 billion from Tencent and Ctrip in 2014 and RMB 6 billion from a consortium of investors spearheaded by Wanda and Tencent in July 2015. The latter is the largest single investment in China online travel industry so far. Academically, Dr. Wang dedicates his research to China’s tourism e-commerce and online marketing tactics, online destination marketing and post-tour experience analysis, and tourism destination navigation and strategy research. In addition to authoring and editing various professional publications and publishing over a dozen of academic papers, he owns over a dozen of national patents and software copyrights. Dr. Wang is a Philosophy of Doctorate from Suzhou University, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Xi’an Jiaotong University, and a Senior International Business Engineer.