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President & Chief Executive Officer of Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting
Dr. Wang Xinjun is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting, a globally reputable tourism think tank, destination marketing and tourism development solution provider. With extensive, multi-sector and cross-industry working experience in public, private and academic fields, Dr. Wang worked for the Department of Travel Agency and Hotel Management and the Department of Quality Standards and Management of the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA), where he was responsible for regulating the travel agency and outbound travel industry. In 2001, he joined the China Comfort Tourism Group as a senior executive. In 2006, he joined Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting. Earned his doctorate degree in Peking University in 1995, Dr. Wang was the earliest doctoral degree holder in China to focus on regional tourism development and investment. Dr. Wang has extensive experience in China's tourism market research, tourism project development, investment and financing, and has made significant achievements in the field of China's outbound tourism. He founded International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism (IFCOT) in 2003, which has been successfully held for more than ten times. In cooperated with the Global Tourism Economy Research Center (GTERC), Dr. Wang initiated and organized the GTEF • Investment & Financing Conference to build an exchanges and cooperation global platform for tourism investment & financing. As a core expert invited by CNTA, Dr. Wang has participated in the drafting of multiple tourism regulations and industry standards for China's tourism industry. He has also been a Member of Panel of Tourism Experts of UNWTO since 2010.