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Senior Vice President of Trip.Com Group
Wang Wei is currently the Senior Vice President of Group, responsible for government-enterprise cooperation, cultural and tourism industry development, commerce, and sales. Mr. Wang joined Group in 2002, and has served as Settlement Supervisor of Finance Department, Purchasing Director of Purchasing Department of Computer Technology (Shanghai), and Commercial General Manager of Group. Mr. Wang has also held positions such as Vice President of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai and Vice President of Zhejiang Tourism Association. Mr. Wang has in-depth knowledge and extensive working experience in the tourism industry. He has led a team in organizing the "World Culture and Tourism Forum" for three consecutive years, planning the "International Traveler's Forum", "Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Promotion Project", "Launching of Chimelong Planet Flagship Store with" and other important projects partnered with government and tourism resorts. Mr. Wang is also the main promoter of Group's core strategic plans, such as the " Group Inbound Tourism E-commerce Growth Plan" cooperated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China. Mr. Wang graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in financial management and obtained an MBA degree from University of Malaya.