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Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism (CCT)
Being the senior research fellow of China Tourism Culture Development Institute, Director of Travel in Dali magazine and Vice President of China Artistic Photography Society, Mr. Oscar Ji is an experienced investor in tourism industry, and has won a litany of accolades including Civilized Tourism & Public Welfare Ambassador, Top Ten Advocates for Toilet Revolution, Influential Person in Tourism Industry, Pioneer in China's Tourism Volunteer Services, Ten Outstanding People in Investing Dali, and “Poverty Alleviation Model” in Dali Prefecture. The Dali Yangbi Cangshan Shimenguan Scenic Spot is under the planning and development with the purpose of ecological restoration by Dali Yangbi Cangshan Shimenguan Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., which is expected to invest RMB 1.65 billion and construct in accordance with the standards of 5A tourist attractions. Featured by a skywalk unique in western China and a ropeway with the largest height difference in the world, the Scenic Spot is also equipped with one tourist center, two landscape highways, seven tourism areas for sightseeing, leisure and resort, and three major amenities. Shimenguan Scenic Spot will be built into a tourism destination that incorporates various functions such as ecological leisure, health preservation by hot spring, resort, scientific expedition, in a bid to showcase ethnic cultural characteristics, leverage comparative advantages, exhibit well-established services, and boost the Yangbi tourism industry. In 2014, the committee of the scenic spot assisted in the completion of the declaration of the Cangshan Global Geopark; in 2015, it was awarded the honorable title of Prefecture-level Civilized Landscape Tourism Area, the China's Most Travel-Friendly Scenic Area, and the China Tourism Volunteer Service Station; in 2016, nominated as 2016 Most Concerned Tourism Holiday Projects; in 2017, awarded the honorable titles of Dali Prefecture Cultural Industry Key Enterprise and the Outstanding Chinese Characteristic Socialist Builder; granted on the Yunnan sub-ranking list of 2016 China Tourism Overall the Extraordinary Power of the Year and the Award for the Cutting-edge Force of the Year.