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Secretary of State for Tourism, Trade and Services of Portugal
Nuno Fazenda was born in Covilhã in 1976. Holds a PhD from the Higher Technical Institute in Regional and Urban Planning - in Tourism, a master's degree from the University of Aveiro in Environmental Management and Policies and a degree in Tourism from the University of Algarve. Has worked at the Northern Regional Coordination and Development Commission, between 2001 and 2014, in Porto. In this context, he was expert-coordinator of the Regional Tourism Agenda – Action Plan for the Development of Tourism in the Northern Region and coordinator of the Douro Valley Tourism Development Plan. Was director of the Department of Management of Community Programs in Tourism of Portugal (2014-2019), having been responsible for coordinating the national tourism strategy in force – Tourism Strategy 2027, as well as for the areas of regional development and management of European programs. Was also a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of the Côa Parque Foundation. Nuno Fazenda was elected by the district of Castelo Branco to the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, namely in the XIV legislature, having integrated the Parliamentary Committees of (i) Economy, Innovation, Public Works and Housing, (ii) the Eventual Commission for the monitoring the implementation of pandemic response measures for Covid-19 disease and the process of economic and social recovery and (iii) the Committee on the Environment, Energy and Spatial Planning, having been the coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of the Socialist Party in this Committee. He was re-elected as a member of parliament for the current parliamentary term and assumed the duties of Chairman of the Parliamentary Sub-Committee for the monitoring of European funds and the PRR. Also worked as an international expert at the World Centre of Excellence of Destinations. Nuno Fazenda has been a professor at the Portuguese Catholic University in Tourism for more than a decade, namely in academic degree lecture courses, as well as in the training of executives at the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics. Nuno Fazenda is currently Secretary of State for Tourism, Commerce and Services of the XXIII Constitutional Government, appointed on December 2nd, 2022