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CEO of Terme di Saturnia
Massimo Caputi is President of Federterme – Confindustria, the only Italian organization representing more than 300 thermal & spa companies grouped to protect wellness tourism. Cohesion improves authority in pointing out the sector's needs in the dialogue with institutions with the aim to defend sector’s categories and workers. Federterme founded the Foundation for Thermal Scientific Research – FoRST specifically dedicated to promote research in the field of thermal medicine. The purpose of Eng. Caputi is to integrate prevention, treatment and rehabilitation analyzing the biological, clinical and socio-economic effects of spa therapy completing the traditional healing methods in the interest of involved actors: patients, the National Health System and Insurance companies. Massimo Caputi is also CEO of Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination and Terme Italia Group, a holding company that controls 5 already operating thermal structures, a SPA & Wellness center and several structures that will be opened in 2024. In addition, being CEO of FEIDOS Inc, Massimo Caputi operates as well in the real estate finance and asset management market, particularly in the sectors of residential real estate, senior living and leisure-hospitality.