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Managing Partner of Bespoke Capital Partners, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Global Leisure Partners
Mark Harms is the joint Managing Partner of Bespoke Capital Partners, and concurrently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global Leisure Partners (GLP). Headquartered in London with offices in the United States, Bespoke is the private equity affiliate of GLP, the leading independent advisor to the global leisure space with core strengths in travel and tourism, fitness, wellness and healthy living, branded consumer, gaming and leisure, and business services. Over the past 15 years, Bespoke has over $60 billion of completed transactions and over $400 million in assets under management, and established an extensive network of over 75 industry-leading operating partners. Mr. Harms also serves on the boards of each of Bespoke’s portfolio companies including 24 Hour Fitness, World Gym Services, Vinventions and Olympic Entertainment.
Speaker’s sessions
Mon, Oct 14, 09:00AM - 12:15PM

Panel Session 3: Valuation of Tourism Project: Investment & Financing Strategy

SI: English & Putonghua

The assessment of tourism projects and professional valuation on investing companies are critical to both the financier and the investor. Asset-light or Asset-heavy tourism projects, traditional or high-tech tourism companies, mature or start-up enterprises, and different business models will lead to different valuation methods and various investment logic and strategies. Professional experiences and case studies shared by investment funds, tourism investment groups and financial advisory companies will indicate what kind of financing strategies are more conducive to the future of projects or companies.