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Director of Healthcare, Education and Hospitality Division Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
Manjit Kaur is the Director of Healthcare, Education and Hospitality Division in Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA), currently responsible to promote and evaluate private investments in three service sub-sectors, namely technical vocational education and training and universities in education, hotels and tourism projects in hospitality, and medical tourism-based hospitals in healthcare. Ms. Kaur has been with MIDA since 1992, starting her tenure as Assistant Director. She has covered a wide scope of promotion, media and publication work, as well as project evaluation for manufacturing licenses, tax incentives, expatriate posts and duty exemption on machinery and raw materials under various industries and services divisions in MIDA. She also served as the National Investment Secretariat for the National Committee on Investment, the Committee on Import Duty Exemption, the Committee on Expatriate Posts, Committee on High Impact Grants and the Investment Monitoring Committee.
Speaker’s sessions
Mon, Oct 14, 09:00AM - 12:15PM

Panel Session 1: Tourism Investment and Cooperation in the Global Multilateral System

SI: English & Putonghua

Tourism cooperation based on the global order of multilateralism has driven the sustained growth of services and trade among countries and has great potential to boost tourism investment. How can government departments work with professional organizations to create more room for investment and the development of tourism projects? What are the opportunities and challenges in tourism investment and in international cooperation?