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Chairman of Macau Pass Group Holdings Limited
Mr. Sun, founded AGTech Holdings (listed on HONG KONG Stock Exchange) in 2006, completed the acquisition of Macau Pass S.A. in 2022 and was appointed Chairman and CEO of the company, expanding the group’s business into a comprehensive enterprise engaged in financial technology, internet technology and services, and lottery. As the Director of Ant Bank (Macau) Limited, serve as the Director of the subsidiaries of AGTech. Mr. Sun has been actively involved and was appointed key positions in the industries like, Vice Board Director of Macau Retail & Management Association, President of the Federation of Card Games, and Vice President of the International Mind Sports Association Executive Committee. Under his leadership, the Company’s strategy is focused on providing more products and contents for the financial payment system, local life services and tourism in Macau and the Greater Bay. At the same time, the Group is eager to take on more social responsibility and continue contributing to the smart city transformation for Macau and the Greater Bay Area.