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President ad interim and CEO of ENIT Italian National Tourism Board
Ms Jelinic’s career spans twenty years, she started very young dealing with fundamental themes for the tourism distribution policies. From her travel agency she devised future perspectives starting from a macro-economic view for national and international planning in close synergy with tourism companies. In particular she created a network of local tourism companies in order to develop the incoming and to export the value of the single local enterprises. Ms Jelinic was elected to Councilor of the Region of Umbria in 2015, she first acted as Umbria’s Regional President of Fiavet (Italian Federation of associations and enterprises for travel and tourism) and then became, in 2018, the youngest National President of Fiavet. Ms Jelinic is also an expert in the meeting industry, since 2020 she is part of the Board of Directors of the Convention Bureau Italia. As head of the delegation in industrial negotiations, Ms. Jelinic obtained the stipulation of the first National Contract for the Travel Agency category. Ms Jelinic is constantly attentive to the new generation and of women, she dedicated researches and investigations of the travel industry which are strategic for its future. She has contributed to bring tourism to the forefront of discussion and to keep alive the attention on this theme during the difficult period of the pandemic.