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Vice President of Tencent Cloud
Mr. Hu Xin currently serves as the Vice President of Tencent Cloud. He is Committed to combining industry best business practices with enterprise intelligence to help enterprises achieve digital transformation. Rich experience in enterprise services, has held core management positions in foreign companies, Internet enterprises, cloud computing and big data start-ups; Through the business insight of the industry, grasp the new technology of the industrial Internet, help a number of state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, and private enterprises to achieve digital and intelligent transformation, and continuously accumulate in this process, and use new technologies, new technologies, and new products to help enterprises achieve industrial upgrading. Before joining Tencent, he was the head of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent manufacturing, real estate, and transportation industries. Head of energy and power industry, consumer electronics industry, Oracle China Software Systems Co., Ltd.; Head of IBM Process Manufacturing and Defense Industry, Head of IBM Technology Product Line, etc.