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Vice President of Tencent Cloud, General Manager of East China Region
Mr. William Gu currently serves as the Vice President of Tencent Cloud,General Manager of East China Region. He is fully responsible for the management and business development of the Eastern China Region and committed to promoting the implementation of industrial Internet strategy of Tencent, the strategic cooperation between important provinces and cities, the integrated development and innovation of cutting-edge technology of Tencent and various industries. He also assists in industrial digital upgrading and urban digital transformation in various regions and leads the team to create excellent industry benchmarks in the fields of digital government, industrial Internet, industry chain finance, smart education, smart buildings and other fields. Mr. William Gu joined Tencent in August 2022. He once served as Vice President of SAP China and General Manager of the Service Industry Group, Senior Vice President of Mingyuan Cloud Group and Head of the Strategic Account Center. Mr. William Gu has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has extensive experience in the fields of digital economy, digital content, and industrial Internet.