Wang Ping

Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism

Wang Ping is Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism, Vice Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Forum and Curator of China Ethnic Museum. A leading Mainland expert on anthropology and museum studies, she was formerly Art Consultant of Foreign Affairs Office of the State Council, General Art Supervisor of the China Architecture, Sculpture and Mural Art Company under the Ministry of Construction. She was elected the Tenth and Eleventh National Committee Member of CPPCC from 2003 to 2013, and the Ninth and Tenth Standing Committee Member of ACFIC from 2002 to 2012.

Ms. Wang initiated the concept of Pan-Tourism integrating tourism with other industries. She has involved in promoting Shangri La as an international tourist destination, and collaborated with Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation to launch the 20 Years Tourism Personnel Training Project to nurture top-tier tourism talent for China. She is also an advocate on driving economic development through tourism for poverty reduction and community betterment.