Zeng Yingru

Director General of Tourism Administration, Guangdong Province

Zeng Yingru was appointed as Director General of Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province in July 2015. With extensive working experience and innovative vision in environment protection, tourism management, planning and development, she has made remarkable achievements in promoting Guangdong’s tourism development since assuming office. Apart from launching the new Truly Enjoy Guangdong branding for international tourism, her contributions include all-for-one tourism promotion, supply-side structural reform, coastal tourism development, regional cooperation, One Belt and Road tourism exchange, rural tourism as well as poverty alleviation through tourism. Ms. Zeng is concurrently a member of the Twelfth Guangdong Provincial Party Committee. Previously, she was Deputy Director of Zhuhai Environmental Protection Bureau, Deputy District Mayor of Xiangzhou District in Zhuhai, and Party Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Communist Youth League.

Ms. Zeng holds a Doctor of Law and a Master of Engineering degrees.