Wang Xinjun

Chief Executive Officer, Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting

Currently the Chief Executive Officer, Wang Xinjun joined Ivy Alliance Tourism Consulting Ltd. (Ivy Alliance), a leading tourism research and marketing firm in China outbound tourism industry, as General Manager in 2006. With extensive work experience in governmental, corporate and academic fields, he started his career at the Department of Industry Management of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) in 1995. Responsible for managing travel services and outbound tourism industry, he was heavily involved in the drafting of China outbound tourism policies and regulations at the time. Mr. Wang joined China Comfort Travel Group Ltd., one of the largest travel service groups in China, as Assistant President in March 2001. He concurrently served as General Manager of Beijing Comfort Network Technology Co., Ltd (2001 – 2003) and board member of FCm Travel Solutions.

Earned his doctorate degree in Peking University in 1995, Mr. Wang was among the first candidate who received the Doctor of Philosophy in China tourism development research. He possesses in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience in tourism market research and tourism planning, and has made outstanding achievements in China outbound tourism. Mr. Wang also founded International Forum on Chinese Outbound Tourism (IFCOT) in 2003, and has successfully organized 13 IFCOT editions since with his team. In addition, Mr. Wang is a core expert invited by CNTA to involve in the drafting and amendments of important tourism rules, regulations and standards. He has also been a Member of Panel of Tourism Experts of UNWTO since 2010.