Wang Wenxue

Deputy Director, Guizhou Tourism Development Commission

Wang Wenxue is currently Deputy Director of Guizhou Tourism Development Commission. He was previously Dean of College of Literature and Director of Academic Affairs Department of Guizhou Minzu University. He holds a number of respectable capacities in the academic arena, concurrently serving as Vice Chairman of Guizhou Miao Society, Academic Leader of Tertiary Philosophy and Social Sciences in Guizhou Province, Vice Chairman of Guizhou Classical Literature Society, Guizhou Province, Vice Chairman of Guizhou Ethnic Minority Languages and Literature Society, Executive Council Member of Ancient Literature Chapter of Chinese Literature and Historical Materials Society, First-tier Academic Leader of Chinese Language and Literature of Guizhou Minzu University, person in charge of Liberal Arts in provincial key academic discipline, and person in charge of the provincial Chinese Literature teaching team .

A doctor of literature, Mr. Wang focuses on ancient Chinese culture and literature research. He has authored over 50 academic papers and published 10 books. His lecture “The Tradition of Chinese Spirit” was recognized as China’s Quality Massive Open Online Course Video. He was aconferred “Distinguished Teacher of Guizhou Province”, “Model Individual for National Unity” by the State Council, “Excellence Award for National Unity and Progress of Youth”, “Guizhou May Fourth Youth Medal”, “Guizhou Outstanding Cultural Talents”, “Guizhou Province Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Science – Third Class”, “Guizhou Liberal Arts Award – Third Class”, “Guizhou Outstanding Achievement Award in Tertiary Humanities Education – Second Class”, and “Guizhou Outstanding Achievement Award in Tertiary Teaching Excellence”.