Wang Junhao

Chairman, China Agriculture Industry Chamber Of Commerce; Vice Chairman And President, Juneyao Group

Wang Junhao is a co-founder of JuneYao Group, an industrial investment enterprise dedicated to modern service industry since July 1991. The Group has since grown into a conglomerate focusing on air transportation, financial services, modern consumption, education services and high-tech innovation with three A-shares listed companies in China under its umbrella.

Mr. Wang holds the view that business philosophies can be interpreted with reference to the culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. He pursues the balance among the satisfactions of customers, employees, shareholders and the society, advocates social concerns towards the entrepreneurs, and endeavors to create a social environment that honors entrepreneurship and embraces necessary setbacks.

Mr. Wang also serves as Chairman of China Agriculture Industry Chamber of Commerce, committee member of All-China Youth Federation, Vice President of China Dairy Products Industry Association, and Chairman of Business Advisory Committee of the Greater Tumen Initiative supported by the United Nations Development Programme, among all.