Vicenco Blagaic

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dubrovnik Pearl

Vicenco Blagaić is Chairman of the Board of Dubrovnik Pearl. It is part of Croatian Dream, the greatest sustainable development project in Europe focused on tourism and commerce. Dubrovnik Pearl and its sister companies are developing several important projects such as Nečujam Marina, resort and spa on the Island of Šolta, business tower in downtown Split for public-private use, and organizing the annual Croatia Boat Show, one of ten largest boat shows in the world.

Mr. Blagaić is renowned for his successful and growing entrepreneurship. In his early career, he invested in the entertainment industry and produced one of the most successful Croatian movies ever in Posljednja volja (The Last Will) starring Goran Višnjić. He recognizes the potential of commercial shows, publishing and real estate, and was inspired to launch Croatian Dream.