Prince Charles-Henri De Lobkowicz

Czech Republic

His Sereign Highness Prince Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz is Prince of Czech Republic and also the son of Princess Francoise de Bourbon from the French Royal Family, mak-ing him a cousin with most of the Royal families in Europe.

Prince Charles-Henri is widely regarded as a man of Honor. With his prestige and bright mind, he has always been a man of influence among celebrities and influential people. As a man of heart, he is very open minded and is respected as a serious mentor by international charity organizations, like The Order of Malta.

Prince Charles-Henri has taken over the original Bourbon family castles in the Bourbonnais area of France and is very involved in the restoration of royal heritage. He has recently started producing movies. His next film “The Aspern Papers” will be released at the end of 2017. It is Prince Charles-Henri’s international exposure and his cultural appeal that made him the world ambassador of the jewelry and watch company Chopard.