Lu Yongzheng

Vice Governor, Guizhou Province

Lu Yongzheng was appointed as Vice Governor of Guizhou Province and Party Member of provincial government in March 2016. He started his career as a cadre of People’s Daily in July 1989 and subsequently became editor and reporter for People’s Daily Overseas Edition, and Secretary of Communist Youth League of China (CYLC). From September 1993 to September 1997, he was Deputy Secretary, Head of Organization and Chairman of All-Chi-na Youth Federation for the Work Committee of Depart-ments under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. In September 1997, he joined the Youth Volunteer Conduct Instruction Center of CYLC Central Committee as Preparatory Group Leader, and was subsequently promoted to Deputy Director, Director and Party Secretary. From January to November 2005, he was appointed as Director of School Department for CYLC Central Committee, and concurrently served as Secretary of Secretariat of CYLC Central Committee from November 2005 to January 2006. Retaining his capacity at the Sec-retariat, he became Vice Chairman of All-China Youth Federation from January 2006 to May 2013. From May 2013 to March 2016, he served as Deputy Director and Party Member of State Administration of Civil Service. Mr. Lu graduated from the Department of Chinese at Wu-han University in 1989, and obtained an Executive Mas-ter of Business Administration from Cheung Kong Grad-uate School of Business in 2005. He earned his Doctorate of Law majoring in Constitutional and Administrative Law from School of Law of Wuhan University in 2012. He completed the 47th provincial-ministerial cadres training class at Central Party School in 2010, the 6th English training class for provincial-ministerial cadres at China Academy of Governance in 2011, and the 5th advanced seminar on Theory of Socialism with Chinese characteristics for provincial-ministerial cadres at Central Party School in 2015.