Ge Yujing

Vice President, TUNIU.COM

Ge Yujing joined in July 2015, served as Vice President. With over 20 years of working experience in the tourism industry, he has profound knowledge in China’s tourism industry and tourism market, and a wealth of experience in tourism management, project development, operational management and marketing, among all. Mr. Ge joined China National Tourism Administration upon graduation in 1996, and was successively responsible for cadre assessment, personnel inspection and hiring, tourism policies and administrative regulation research. In April 2004, he started his career as Deputy General Manager of Davos Summit Tourism Planning and Designing Institute, responsible for a number of urban and regional tourism planning projects. In August 2007, he joined the CCTV Television Culture Center Co., Ltd. and set up the Tourism Business Department. In December 2008, Mr. Ge served as Deputy Director and then Director of Guiyang Municipal Tourism Administration, overseeing the city’s tourism industry management. Three years later, he joined Sino Media Holding Limited as Vice President, overseeing its Urban Tourism Brand Marketing Center. Prior to joining, he worked in Century Media as Vice President for two years, leading the team of sales, creative and planning.

Mr. Ge received a bachelor’s degree of Arts from Peking University in 1996. He obtained the qualification certificate to practice law in 1999. In 2005, he entered the University of Waterloo in Canada and earned a master’s degree in Tourism Policy and Planning in 2007.