Cristina Ionela Tărteață

Deputy Minister, Ministry Of Tourism Of Romania

Cristina Ionela Tărteață is Deputy Minister of Ministry of Tourism of Romania in charge of International Relations and the Marketing and Tourism Promotion Department, overseeing the Ministry’s work in promoting Romania as an astonishing, unique and quality destination at home and abroad, and enhancing the exposure of Romania’s folklore, art, history and traditions.

Ms. Tărteață was born in Ploiești, Romania. She attended state-run schools and graduated high school with a finance and accounting degree. She then studied Management and Financial Accountancy in University of Bucharest and earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2002. In 2012, she graduated from the National Academy of Information in Bucharest and earned a Master degree in Management of National Security Information. She has also completed postgraduate courses in Protocol and Communication in Diplomacy as well as Security and Good Governance. Ms. Tărteață is expected to earn a Doctorate degree in Political Science and International Relations this academic year.