Chen Shan

Vice Chairman, Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce; President, Zhonglu Co., Ltd.

Chen Shan is a second generation entrepreneur who extends Zhonglu’s tradition of success. A graduate of Economics and Statistics from University College London, he has taken the initiative to introduce the public bicycle rental system into China to solve the last mile issue of urban transportation. He has successfully developed the Forever
C series to inject fashion and vigor into Chinese bicycle brand Forever. The strategic alliance between Zhonglu and Triple Five Group, the world’s largest cultural and entertainment company, is attributed to Mr. Chen’s focus on strategic development, capitalizing cultural and entertainment opportunities arisen from Disneyland construction. He is also an advocate of sustainability, targeting extensive development and utilization of new energy through high-altitude wind energy projects to create more environment-friendly and energy-efficient outcomes.

Mr. Chen has been widely recognized for his outstanding performance. This includes the Excellence Award of “Better Mobility, Better Life: Prize for Innovative Urban Mobility Solution” organized by the L’Institut de la ville en movement; Finalist of Rookie Micro Entrepreneur, Urban Habitat Award credited by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, Shanghai Youth Highend Creative Talents, Shanghai May Fourth Youth Medal, among all.