Bai Xue

Executive Vice General Manager, Beijing Global Tour International Travel Service

Bai Xue has over 20 years of experience in operating inbound and outbound tourism, and has travelled to 100 countries and regions. With deep understanding and profound knowledge on the outbound travel demand of Chinese tourists and evolving travel trends, he has extensive experience in outbound tourism product design, market development and operational management of travel agency.

Mr. Bai joined China Nationality Travel Service (CNTS) in 1991, responsible for inbound tourism reception business. In 1994, he was promoted to Vice Manager of Special Tourism Department, involving in business development of CNTS’ self drive tours for foreign travelers within China including inland areas like Tibet and Xinjiang. In 1997, he was promoted to Manager of General Business Department, taking charge of conference and incentive tourism business. He was responsible for planning and organizing sizable conferences, activities and incentive tours for numerous Chinese enterprises and multinational corporations. In 2002, Mr. Bai made his debut on Chinese outbound tourism business, leading his team to design a pioneering tourism products covering routes to Northern and Eastern European countries as well as Russia. In 2007, Beijing Global Tour International Travel Service was founded. Presiding as Vice General Manager, he is responsible for developing high-end and customized travel products targeting Europe, Africa and other destinations. Among all, tourism products of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkan Peninsula, Central Asia and Caucasian region are well received by the market.