Wang Ping

Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism (TCC)
Curator of China Ethnic Museum

Wang Ping, Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism, Vice Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Forum, Chairman of Tourism Cooperation Committee of China-Africa Business Council, Curator of China Ethnic Museum. She was appointed in succession Art Consultant of Foreign Affairs Office of the State Council, General Art Supervisor of the China Architecture, Sculpture and Mural Art Company under the Ministry of Construction. She was the 10th and 11th National Committee Member of CPPCC, the 9th and 10th Standing Committee Member of ACFIC. Wang Ping is a leading expert on Anthropology and Museum Study. Since 1992, She presided over the construction of China Ethnic Museum as chief designer in support of the government, and firstly adopted Former Site Relocation to preserve and maintain national building communities.

Wang Ping is also one of the leader in Tourism of China. She firstly raises the concept of Pan Tourism, combining tourism and other industries; she helped to promote Shangri La to international tour destination; she involved in planning Global Tourism Economy Forum which proved a great success; she suggested and cooperated with Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation to launch 20 years’ Personnel Training Project transporting high level administrators for Chinese Tourism; she proposes to promote economic development, poverty reduction and enriching people through tourism. She has been engaging to improve the status of Chinese Tourism by issuing Chinese voice in world tourism industry. She is influential and appealing in the tourism industry worldwide. In September 2017, the UNWTO awarded Chairman Wang Ping in recognition of the significant contribution of outstanding commitment to the development of world tourism for her contribution in establishing the China Chamber of Tourism, leading China’s private enterprises to make outstanding contribution in poverty alleviation, cultural protection, taking social responsibilities, promoting world cultural exchange and peace process.