Peter Wong

Executive Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism (TCC); Chairman of M.K. Corporation Ltd.

Peter Wong Man Kong is concurrently Chairman of the M.K. Corporation Ltd, North West Development Ltd, Culture Resources Development Co Ltd, Silk Road Hotel Management Co Ltd, and Silk Road Travel Management Ltd., as well as a Deputy of the 12th National People’s Congress. Engaging in the development of cultural and heritage resources, Mr. Wong has been giving presentations and lectures to NGOs, government and tertiary educational institutes. Since 1993, he has been participating as a member in the United Nations multi-agencies Silk Road Project. He has also been actively involved in promoting tourism development and is concurrently the Executive Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism and Vice Chairman of Global Tourism Economy Forum.

Mr. Wong is the Life Honorary Chairman of The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and The HK Chinese Importers’ & Exporters; Association, as well as Vice Chairman of Standing Committee of Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation and the Director of Jinan University. He also holds directorship in Hong Kong public companies including Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Co Ltd, Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd, China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Ltd, Sun Hung Kai & Co Ltd, Sino Hotels (Holdings) Ltd, Chinney Investments Ltd, Far East Consortium International Ltd, New Times Energy Corporation Ltd, and MGM China Holdings Ltd.

Mr. Wong is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley and a recipient of the Young Industrialist Award of Hong Kong.