GTEF Announces its 2016 special 5th Anniversary Program on The Growing Consumer Class that is Rethinking and Reshaping the Future Tourism Landscape

The Global Tourism Economy Forum (“GTEF” or “the Forum”), is excited to announce the program for its 2016 edition, taking place at Studio City Macau, the city’s newest iconic Hollywood-themed landmark, from 15 to 16 October 2016.

Since 2012, GTEF has continued to take advantage of Macau’s proximity to China, its strategic position in Asia, and its forerunner position in the region’s burgeoning tourism economy to connect governments and industry players from Mainland China and around the world to bring about extensive and fruitful opportunities for tourism promotion, investment and cooperation.

Keeping its finger on the pulse of global tourism development, GTEF will dedicate its special 5th anniversary edition to “THE GROWING CONSUMER CLASS, RETHINKING AND RESHAPING THE FUTURE TOURISM LANDSCAPE,” and will zero in on how this rising independent-minded, resourceful and tech-savvy group is more than ever the increasingly influential force in the tourism industry.

Celebrating GTEF’s 5th anniversary are two very special partners. Featured as GTEF’s Partner Country, France will bespeak how tourism of one of the world’s most beloved destinations has evolved over time into a perfect juxtaposition of history and modernity, and diversity and creativity. Featured as GTEF’s partner city, Beijing Municipality will showcase China’s epicenter of culture and economic power, shedding light on China’s three millennia of history and heritage and on the distinctive preferences of Chinese consumers.

GTEF 2016’s thought-provoking program will begin with its signature “Face to Face, Ministers and Private Sector CEO” session (in collaboration with UNWTO) where leadership from the public and private sectors will tackle the subject of “Harnessing the 1 billion+ Opportunities.” Industry leaders will share their insights in sessions titled “Maximizing the Dualities of the Chinese Consumers” and “Tourism and Technology: the Inseparable Duo.” For this anniversary edition, GTEF has created new sessions such as  “Women Leadership – The Softer Side of Leadership,” “World Tourism Cities – Consumers, the Transformers in City Tourism,” “Investment Workshop – The Burgeoning Consumer Class: Investing in a New Era” and “Youth Leadership Roundtable – Understanding the Needs and Wants of the Millennials.”  GTEF is honored to have China Daily, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Connecting Travel, World Cities Tourism Federation (WTCF), and BOA Merrill Lynch as collaborative partners and sponsors for these sessions.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Global Tourism Economy Research Centre (GTERC) will present their third Joint Annual Report on Asia Tourism Trends, with special chapters on travel trends driven by the growing consumer class and tourism investment (infrastructure investment and human capital investment), providing once again an in-depth analysis of the latest tourism development in Asia.

GTEF will continue the highly appreciated tradition of providing networking opportunities for participants to meet with tourism and economy ministers, government officials, and key decision makers from the world’s foremost tourism and tourism-related enterprises; to establish new contacts; and to explore business synergy and collaboration.

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