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Held in Macao, this annual program has been established as an international platform to promote exchange and discussions for sustainable development of the global tourism industry with a focus on China. An unrivalled number of the world’s movers and shakers in tourism gather for keynote speeches, panel sessions, business matching and exhibitions. Year-round roadshows and trade visits are held to enhance public awareness and to engage tourism sectors leading up to the annual highlight of Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF).

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Global Tourism Economy Forum Kicks Off Roadshow at 2019 Featured Chinese Province Jiangsu Introducing the Platform for Tourism Collaboration Opportunities

(March 8, 2019, Macao) Global Tourism Economy Forum (“GTEF” or “the Forum”) is the top-notch international exchange and cooperation platform designed to promote sustainable development of the global tourism industry with a focus on China, utilizing Macao as a bridge between China and the world to connect people and forge partnerships. With annual preparation and international promotion in full swing, Global Tourism Economic Research Centre (“GTERC” or “the Centre”) began this year’s roadshow at Jiangsu, GTEF 2019 Featured Chinese Province, and made its presence at Suzhou International Travel Fair 2019 in Suzhou International Expo Center on March 8-10. GTERC leveraged this occasion to promote GTEF 2019 to target visitors and participants, including public tourism sector from different cities of Jiangsu including Suzhou, other local and overseas countries and regions; leading Chinese tourism brands like CITS, Spring Tour, SPITS and Younger Travel; theme parks like HB World and; as well as tourism technology enterprises like Ctrip, LY.COM, Octopus, U-tour, and Drore Technology. On the other hand, the Centre actively recruited corporate delegates from tourism and related industries to take part in GTEF’s business matching and exhibition sessions. The Fair is also attended by Argentina, one of two GTEF 2019 Partner Countries, GTERC took the opportun ity to deepen exchanges with Argentina in preparation for GTEF 2019.